Case Study: DSH Installation at ABN Bay 3, Cupar, Scotland.

The problem
In the out loading, Bay 3 at ABN site in Cupar, there was a problem with dust when a lorry was being loaded from the chain conveyor discharging the silos. The product being loaded was 3mm pellet as well as crumb. The crumb was the biggest contributor of the dust issues. The lorry driver that where loading their lorries were covered in dust when they were filling and the bay conveyor where covered in a thick layer of dust.

The solution
Working with Abdie Solutions, ABN decided to install a Dust Suppression Hopper (DSH) suspended under the chain conveyor with a custom designed frame of the walk way under the conveyor There was a new outlet adapter made to feed the DSH centrally.

The Outcome
With the DSH installed there is now very little air born dust in the bay. The lorry drivers can now see when they are loading and not getting covered in dust. 


before 2.jpg


after1 copy.jpg