screw conveyors

Food Glorious Food

We have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of sectors, everything from biomass to chemical and pharmaceutical, and more recently food production.

Typically, the machinery we recommend is used to handling more robust material but with food production, the way in which it is handled (i.e. gently) is of paramount importance.

To gain a better understanding of some the technical specs of the machines that are purpose built for food production, Kenneth, our Sales Engineer visited our partners Guttridge Ltd and Farleygreene to be given an in-depth walkthrough of all the products manufactured for the Food Production industry.

Guttridge manufacture various types of screw conveyors, screw conveyors which can be linked to hoppers and sack-tip stations, metering screw conveyors, and bulk bag dischargers. Farleygreene supply several different types of sieves, some of which we’ve previously used with a biscuit lump breaker for a customer.

This has given us the specific knowledge helping us propose the best possible solutions for our food manufacturing customers’ problems and projects.  We also have contacts at other food production machine manufacturers, meaning we can supply customers with a full range of kit, and of course, we offer a complete service, including installation.