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Laserscan. Tech Handling to Improve Bulk Handling

The devil is in the detail, so when it comes to designing new bulk handling systems, we take pride in getting it right first time.

Last year we invested in the latest 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software which has helped us show clients the layout of our proposed machinery for their projects in more detail, giving them a 3D visual representation of how the new machinery will integrate with their existing machinery and buildings. This helps us deliver the most efficient layout possible.

When the existing site is larger or more complex, we can then deploy the use of laserscanning to help gather all the relevant information in a very short period. The 3D CAD produced from this laserscan will highlight the smallest of features that can be hidden away in a building that can have a significant effect on the placement of machinery. This reduces the chance of human errors during the design phase which would impact negatively on the installation phase of the project.


Recently we’ve put this theory into practice and are using the laserscan of a large textile manufacturer, existing building and plant. This has allowed us to design a new system for them to handle waste produced from their factory and convert it back into energy.

Following the initial design phase, this 3D model means that, working in partnership with our client, we can fine tune the machine specifications & sizes. We’ve already benefited from this with the ability to share our design via the 3D model with our structural engineer and other contractors working on the project.

As we now look to begin the installation phase, the 3D model will ensure everyone will be “singing from the same hymn sheet”, everyone will know the end goal and will be working together to achieve that goal on time and on budget.   

Ultimately, this advanced technology makes a smoother process from start to finish, saving time and money.