Abdie Welcomes New Partner

In addition to our existing partners, Guttridge, UWT and Farleygreene, we are also now the sole Scottish and Irish distributor for Dust Suppression Hopper Systems (DSH) Ltd.

DSH units have a significant and immediate effect on reducing airborne dust and on many occasions, we’ve seen the incredible impact they have.

Controlling dust in the workplace is challenging and - apart from the fact that it makes a more pleasant working environment - it ensures compliance regulations are met, increases machinery reliability, reduces unplanned maintenance and improves safety.

Workplaces affected by dust are far more likely to experience safety concerns from coated or slippery surfaces as airborne dust increases the risks to employees for injuries or other ailments.

All of this affects profitability as does avoiding the loss of airborne product. All product needs to be captured, rather than lost into the air. Dust Suppression Hoppers help to do exactly this.

If you’d like to find out more about how a DSH unit could help your business, let us know.